ADAptive Computing

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Gem5 Hardware RSA Storage node Power Modeling Adaptive systems Through-silicon vias Attaques par canaux cachés 3D NoCs Resistive RAM High-performance computing Fd-Soi Memory device Semiconductors Mram Gem5 simulator Switching element Electromagnetic Analysis 28nm FD-SOI 3D manufacture variability Memory architecture Transistor Network-on-chip VLSI Activity sensor RO frequency Simulation Radiation Field programmable gate arrays Sécurité numérique NVM Microprocessors Efficacité énergétique Silent stores Computer architecture Architecture Reliability Side-Channel Attacks Memory hierarhy Parameter exploration 3D NoC Ring oscillators 3D networks-on-chip Physically unclonable function Computing Design space exploration Monitoring SoC Scalability exploration Power Monitoring CMOS integrated circuits Accuracy Three-dimensional integrated circuits 28-nm FD-SOI Cryptography 3D network-on-chip ALMOS FPGA Power Ring oscillator Energy efficiency Non volatile memory Error analysis Memory Resistances Energy Three-dimensional displays Performance ALMOS-MK STT-MRAM Multi-threaded programs System reliability Magnetic tunnel junction MTJ Delays Multicore processing Transistors Embedded Systems Through silicon vias Spintronics Clocks Aging ARM bigLITTLE FPGA security Power demand Security IoT Memory hierarchy BigLITTLE Modeling Energy-efficiency Manycore IP Protection Method Embedded systems Resource allocation Consommation Program processors MRAM Nonvolatile memory Performance evaluation