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Data analysis method X-ray binary Binary coalescence Generation Imagerie polarimétrique Angular Equipment Design Coupled oscillators Reduction ANTARES Solid-state Gravitational radiation detector 4260Da Keywords Optical cavities Accretion Skeletal muscle LIGO And quantum jumps Thermal management Black hole binary 4215Dp Gravitational radiation 0430-w Laser Vertical External Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers Accretion disks THz Astrophysics Black hole mass VECSELs Noise 4255Ah Locking Gravitational radiation burst Neutron star Detector upgrade Absorption Synchronization Wafer bonding Absorption spectroscopy 2605430 Polarization Gravitational radiation direct detection Detector sensitivity Gravitational waves Absorption à deux photons 1903100 Instabilities and chaos General relativity ABSORPTION 2ND-HARMONIC GENERATION MICROSCOPY VCSEL Optical rotation Semiconductor disk laser Injection-locked Multiharmonic generation Statistical analysis Detector network Dynamics of nonlinear optical systems Scattering Cavity resonators 9760Lf 0480Nn Gravitational radiation emission Interferometer And other operational parameters 0425dg Amplified spontaneous emissions Efficiency Virgo Antiphase noise contributions Anisotropy And optical spatio-temporal dynamics Second harmonic generation microscopy Lasers Optoelectronics Microwave photonics Light Neutron stars Frequency stabilization VECSEL Phase noise 1403580 Lasers Transformée en z Linewidth Black hole spin Physical Sciences Radiation Optical feedback Semiconductor lasers Fabry-Perot Apoptosis Gravitational wave Angular momentum Modeling General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Interferometry VIRGO Amitraz Solid-state lasers Air pollution monitoring Alternative theories of gravity 2602130 Ellipsometry and polarimetry References and links