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[hal-02129630] Fast quantum control in dissipative systems using dissipationless solutions  (5/16/19)  
[hal-02043030] Optimal work in a harmonic trap with bounded stiffness  (4/29/19)  
[hal-01987485] Basin Entropy, a Measure of Final State Unpredictability and Its Application to the Chaotic Scattering of Cold Atoms  (4/12/19)  
[hal-01987411] Shortcut to stationary regimes: A simple experimental demonstration  (4/12/19)  
[hal-01945874] Phase transition kinetics for a Bose Einstein condensate in a periodically driven band system  (4/12/19)  
[hal-01850268] Engineered Swift Equilibration for Brownian objects: from underdamped to overdamped dynamics  (4/29/19)  
[hal-01802557] Fast manipulation of Bose–Einstein condensates with an atom chip  (4/12/19)  
[hal-01787234] Robust calibration of an optical-lattice depth based on a phase shift  (4/12/19)  
[hal-01695032] Thermal bath Engineering for Swift Equilibration  (4/12/19)  
[hal-01657326] Invariant-Based Inverse Engineering of Crane Control Parameters  (4/12/19)