, (benzyl)(cholesteryl)phosphonato]-?-D-glucopyranoside, p.4

, EtOAc-pentane) afforded 4c (yield 70%) as a white solid, From cholesterol (79 mg) following general procedure, TLC monitoring using EtOAc-pentane 1:3 as eluent, flash chromatography of the crude product

. Mhz, ? (ppm) 139.5 (C=CH, Chol)

O. Hz, OCH 2 Ph), 69.0 (d, J C-P = 5.5 Hz, OCH 2 Ph), 77.8 (C4, C4'), 75.1 (C5, C5'), 75.0 (OCH 2 Ph), vol.74

, (benzyl)(5?-cholestan-3?-yl)phosphonato]-?-D-glucopyranoside, p.4

, EtOAc-pentane) afforded 4d (yield 74%) as a white solid, From 5?-cholestan-3?-ol (79 mg) following general procedure, TLC monitoring by TLC using EtOAc-pentane 1:3 as eluent, flash chromatography of the crude product

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