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Commpression of the shift Compressible Navier-Stokes system Approximation by smoothing Besov spaces Critical regularity Multi-scale limit Unimodular maps Wave breaking Variable rotation axis Cauchy distribution Schrödinger problem Admissible modulus of continuity Numerical range Beckner inequality Navier-Stokes-Korteweg system Elsässer variables Inégalités fonctionnelles Coriolis force Bipartite quantum system B-Family of Equations Beckner inequalities Doctorants Fractional Sobolev spaces Bubbling Asymptotic analysis Ginzburg-Landau Poincaré inequality Inter’actions in mathematics 2015 Bounded density Camassa-Holm Critères d'explosion Barotropic Navier-Stokes-Coriolis system Trace Brunn-Minkowski inequality Biaxial escape Cold pressure Compensated compactness Hyperbolic systems Capillarity VMO Constant function Inter’actions en mathématiques 2015 Rossby and Weber numbers Besselian and Hilbertian bases Optimal estimates Camassa Holm Jacobian Navier-Stokes equations Barotropic Navier-Stokes Circle-valued map Aluthge transform Calderon-Zygmund decomposition Diffusion equations Applications unimodulaires Besov Compressible Navier-Stokes equations Wasserstein distance Laplace transform Blow-up Criteria Courant rectifiable Energy estimates Bessel processes Asymptotic profiles Lifting Construction dipôle Blowup Strongly continuous semigroup Liquid crystals Blow up local criterion Low Rossby number Prescribed degrees Microlocal symmetrizability BD-entropy structure Singularities BMO Curvature-dimension bounds Sobolev spaces Rod equation Homotopy classes Functional calculus Blow-up criterion Curvature-dimension condition Constrained von Neumann inequalities Grenoble Circle-valued maps Bistable Bifurcation BV Camassa--Holm Applications Froude and Rossby numbers Singular perturbation Singular perturbation problem Shallow water Compressible rod Phd Bernstein function Sphere-valued maps Artificial compressibility Low Mach

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